Real Estate Executions are defined as all those procedures under which a real estate foreclosure has been transcribed, which leads to the compulsory sale of the property, whether owned by the natural or legal person; Bankruptcy Procedures are defined as all those sales pursuant to art. 107 R.D. 267/1942 (Bankruptcy Law) which include bankruptcies, arrangements with creditors, debt restructuring, forced administrative liquidations; the newborn “over-indebtedness crisis” (Law 3/2012) category is also part of this group.

We define with the term “Other” all the procedures of judicial division between spouses or heirs and / or civil cases and existing inheritances, which, while passing from the sale to auction of the asset, do not constitute foreclosure or bankruptcy.

Data published on the Auctions Report, which the AstaSy Analytics Study Center of NPLsRE_Solutions produced and published with the final data for the whole of 2020.