Freeze the recovery chain to ensure economic survival. This is the need that emerged from the conversation of Mirko Frigerio, Founder and Vice Executive President of NPLs RE_Solutions, with #MaurizioCannone for MonitorImmobiliare.

“The courts, not yet having a common directive from the Ministry, are closing one by one by suspending the executions of real estate, who for 15 who for 20 or 30 days, despite the Ministry of Justice on March 8 proclaimed a state of obligatory holidays of the court”.

The T6 observatory in recent days has published a press release in which it estimates a loss of value if executions are not to be suspended. This would happen because of the mechanism that provides a 25% drop if the auction is deserted, which could also offer room to maneuver for speculative interventions in case of non-ministerial intervention.

“We need to suspend everything, freezing the recovery chain for at least 120 days. At this moment we need to guarantee economic survival, which must be safeguarded with legislation”.

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