The first and only real operative network

The first and only real operative network with strong training and real qualifications in property foreclosure and forced sales proceedings.

Our Team is made up of dedicated Project Managers who specialise in diverse fields of expertise and Client types: Banks, Servicers, Investors.

A qualified, proactive Team, working closely with the Client and able to ensure topmost operative effectiveness thanks to an entirely tailor-made approach.

Largest and most comprehensive Big Data

The largest and most comprehensive Big Data on the Italian market on insolvency and default proceedings.

Competence and Professionalism

Reliable competencies and professionalism, with an entirely unique core business focus, thanks to the experience developed over almost twenty years in the distressed assets industry on behalf of our management.

A highly specialised Back Office

A highly specialised Back Office able to support the larger operative network, as well as our Client Banks and Servicers, constantly sharing information and refining the best-suited recovery strategies.

Speed, Clarity and Transparency

Guaranteed speed of operations thanks to proven output models and specially-developed software. Providing quality in our work in accordance to particular Client requirements and their investment is one of our core values. Transparent and reliable results, always easy to read.