We seek excellence.

We are constantly on the lookout for people who are ambitious, early in their careers or who are highly experienced. In NPLs RE_Solutions you will find a winning team with clear rules and roles.

Great career opportunities and the security of a team of top professionals at your side.

If you're a talented professional or a successful recent graduate. . .

If you like the relationship with the client, working in a team, having objectives and a path to follow. . . and you are interested in becoming part of a winning team, with clear rules and roles, get in touch with us immediately.

Training Support

The professionals who make up our team, selected from among the best in the sector, follow an internal training path and are supported by the team. This is of primary importance for those who work in an area where knowledge and the consequent application of the rules in force are an integral part of an impeccable service.

Are you a post-graduate student and would you like to do an internship at NPLs RE_ Solutions?

Our company, dynamic and constantly evolving, has always paid great attention to the value of human resources. It is in our philosophy to optimally manage the work experience with the student intern, making sure that this generates mutual efficiency: for the student a valuable opportunity to learn a profession in a leading company, supported by helpful, experienced and competent staff; for NPLs RE_Solutions is an opportunity to welcome new ideas and young workers with all the freshness, dynamism and enthusiasm that they can offer.


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