The merger combines the extraordinary skills of the members to create a unique reality in the Italian NPE scene.
NPLs RE_Solutions incorporates the previous AstaSy and changes the corporate structure which entitles Rina Prime Value services Group as the controlling entity, and gives a 15% stake for Gabetti Group.

Being part of Rina Prime Value Services, NPLs RE_ Solutions will not only benefit from the availability of an already excellent settled chain of technical services, but also will be provided a solid foundation for further development on the market.
The contribution of AstaSy, which remains as a brand for the AstaSy Point network and as the owner of the company’s Scientific Committee, ensures the experience of its founding members who, with professionalism and passion, have revolutionized the real estate execution market in Italy.
The partnership with Gabetti also ensures the collaborations with the group’s 1200 real estate agencies. All the above makes NPLs Re_Solutions a complete player specialized in real estate executions and bankruptcy procedures whose main activity is to serve NPL’s of banks and servicers.

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